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About Us

Photo of Slavina

Meet Slavina - The Heart of ODAYA Home

Like most of my peers, I spent my childhood summers with my grandmothers, both of whom needlework artisans themselves.  We would knit and embroider together and I would fondly remember the story of each piece. I would also secretly sneak into my grandmother’s treasure chest to breathe in the fabrics and indulge in the visual harmony of the colours and motifs.

Years later, as a woman, I have come to admire the strong connection women have in the stories that we share and the experiences that bring us together.  As much as we have the advantage of learning and developing the story and memory of the older generations, we have a purpose to nourish the younger ones to grow strong from solid roots.

Building on my international business experience and my fondness for the arts and crafts, I set myself on a mission to rekindle the feeling of unique luxury in using handmade textile in modern homes, while creating space to share and give back to those communities that have made us who we are today.

Оur Amazing Team

Elena Gamalova

Elena Gamalova

Born in one of the most pristine mountain areas in Bulgaria, Elena has lived the authentic ODAYA story since early childhood.  Following her passion for design, Elena moved to France to learn from the best and spent half of her career in Paris working for brands such as Deborah Milano, Rouge Baiser, Christian Lacroix, earning numerous design awards.  She brings to our team a scientific approach to the study of ornamentation, a contemporary designer perspective to heritage designs, and is the soul behind all things beautiful that make ODAYA Home what it is today.

Peter Damyanov, CFA

Peter Damyanov, CFA

A member of the founding team, Peter takes care of the financial and administrative details of our complex supply chain.  Having earned his BSc at Dickinson College in the USA and MSc at University of Paderborn, Germany, Peter has had a steep career path as a CFO in Insurance, Banking and Non-Banking Financial institutions.  At ODAYA Home, he ensures our dreams have a solid, sustainable financial base and our partner relations are smooth and punctual.

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Our Mission

At ODAYA Home we have a core mission to position premium-quality artisan-crafted textile in the modern home.  We firmly believe that the home, as the most intimate place for each of us, needs to be filled with intentionally selected, unique items that carry the soul and story of our lives.  It is through these stories and choices that our legacy lives on.

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Our Cause

Our women artisans are our inspiration and cause.  Fallen through the cracks of time when the world has moved online, these fascinating heroines and their textile treasures are mostly hidden from the public eye. We are determined to preserve the valuable stories and items they share with us, to adapt their skills to current styles, and give them the attention and space in modern homes that they deserve.