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Our Materials

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Local, high-quality fibers

We use cotton sateen fabric for our first collections, which has a soft sheen, an unobtrusive glistening finish that perfectly matches the Egyptian cotton mercerised threads that are the body of our lace.  All of the cotton used is grown and harvested in the same area it is processed and our fabric is OEKO-Tex certified.

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Responsible energy use

While we use minimum amounts of energy due to the handmade nature of our products, we are keen to minimise it further by encouraging long and responsible use of the end product.  A recommended wash at 30-40℃ at an energy-saving machine-wash programme would be enough to ensure the optimum look and hygiene of your sheets and also the long life of the fibers used.

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Breathable cotton and paper storage

We are proud that we do not use plastic bags at any stage of the supply chain that is within ODAYA Home production and storage.  We use cotton bags for transportation and storage of our delicate lace and paper and cardboard recyclable boxes for the fabric and end product storage.

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Gift boxes to reuse and recycle

The luxury packaging boxes that we have designed to deliver the best experience to our end customers are also made of hard cardboard, sustainably produced, made from recycled materials and recyclable themselves.  Still, they are made to last and we would encourage you to cherish and reuse them long-term.

Our Artisans
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